Andrea Flaute, Pre-law VP Extraordinaire

Name: Andrea Flaute          
Year: 4th
Major(s): Political Science and Spanish
Involvement on Campus: Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity

HC: Can you give us a little insight into what PAD is, exactly?
AF: Phi Alpha Delta is a co-ed professional fraternity dedicated to helping students make an informed decision about attending law school, as well as promoting intellectual, professional, social and academic success for pre-law students at The Ohio State University. We strive to facilitate and enhance communications between potential Juris Doctorate students and those professionals who make law school enrollment decisions and work in the field.

HC: What role do you fulfill in this organization?
AF: Vice-President.

HC: How did you get involved in PAD in the first place?
AF: I signed up for their list serv at the Involvement Fair in the fall of my freshman year. Ironically, I was too scared to attend the meetings the first year, so I didn’t really become active until my 2nd year here. Law school was something I had thought a lot about and I knew I needed more information, so I went to the first meeting sophomore year and haven’t looked back!

HC: How has your involvement in PAD benefited you?
AF: Phi Alpha Delta has solidified my decision to continue my education in law school. Through my involvement I have had the opportunity to speak with admissions officers, current law school students, and, most importantly, practicing attorneys. Three additional years of school and more money than you can imagine is daunting, but PAD has given me the resources to make the right decision for my future career.

HC: What are some of the highlights for PAD in this upcoming semester?
AF: PAD has an incredible calendar this semester! I am really excited! We are hosting a networking dinner for our members to sit down with prominent attorneys in the Columbus area. We are also pairing with OUAB, USG, Student Alumni Council, Sportsmanship Council, and a few other groups on campus for a panel on becoming a more involved and well-rounded Buckeye. We are also exposing our members to just about every type of law practiced through a series of panels with local attorneys. Not to mention the meetings when we pair with Politics, Society and Law Scholars to bring in the Dean of the law school, as well as admissions officers and other practicing attorneys. And I cannot forget our Chipotle Fundraiser! YUM! This semester is packed with really great events to create a better Buckeye.

HC: How do you manage your time between PAD, school, and a social life?
AF: I am very fortunate to work with a really great president! We work well together, which makes organizing, planning, and hosting PAD events much easier and less time consuming. Running an organization takes much more time than most people realize, but it is all worth it. Staying organized and setting priorities is absolutely the key! You have to make time for what is important to you and what makes you happy and the rest will fall in place. 

HC: What are your plans after graduation?
AF: Law school! Right now I am debating taking a year off to earn some money and travel Europe, but all roads lead to law school, hopefully at Ohio State or Capital--fingers crossed!

HC: What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?
AF: Don’t be afraid to get involved and meet new people, and study abroad as many times as you can!

HC: What is the one thing you will ensure you do before graduating in May?
AF: Sneak into the 'Shoe one more time! Shhhh!



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