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Amazing Bubble Tea Spots Near OSU

Bubble tea. What a strange concept. Milk, tea, and gelatin balls. Sounds simple enough, but those three ingredients can be combined to do some wonderful things for your taste buds. Like it super sweet? You got it. On a health kick and don’t want the extra calories? You can have that, too. Almost all bubble tea shops let you customize your order to fit your tastes, all while delivering a flavorful and refreshing drink. Luckily for us, there is large Asian population in Columbus, and that means that the bubble tea culture here is alive and well. I’m quite a big fan of bubble tea myself (Nai Cha in Mandarin), so I consider myself a bit of an expert. Here are my favorite places in Columbus to get a nice bubble tea!

1. Vivi Bubble Tea

        Address: 2408 N High St

        Recommendations: Red Moo Milk & Black Moo Milk

2. Kung Fu Tea:

        Address: 1161 Kenny Centre Mall & 7370 Sawmill Rd Unit K

        Recommendations: Kung Fu Oolong Tea with boba & Oolong Milk Tea with boba

        (The Kenny Centre location also sells Chinese desserts and snacks!)

3. Chatime

         Address: 2060 N High St

         Recommendations: Jasmine Green Milk Tea with boba

4. The Brewed Leaf (personally, this is my to go place!)

         Address: 2060 N High St (They just moved here, between Chatime and Joy’s Village!)

         Recommendations: Wild Rice Milk & Oolong Milk Tea with boba and sea salt cheese cream & Oolong tea with boba and sea salt cheese cream

Try one of those places to have fun with your friends and indulge your tastebuds as well!

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