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Amara Taranto: All Around Extraordinaire

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Name: Amara Taranto

Hometown: Westerville, OH

Major: Health Information Management Systems

Minor: General Business

Year: Junior

Hobbies: Health, fitness, and crafting


HC: You’re very involved on campus. Can you explain your involvement in Chimers Junior Class Honorary and tell us a little about it? 

AT: Chimes Junior Class Honorary has a rich tradition of service. Members of Chimes are known for their scholarship, leadership, and service. I personally hold the role of secretary. As an executive member, I am responsible for recording attendance, taking meeting minutes, and making sure unrepresented members receive that meeting’s information. We meet twice a month. Our philanthropy is Helping Hands (a pediatric therapy center). We hold service events and donate our profits to them.

HC: What other student orgs/clubs are you affiliated with on campus?

AT: Advocates for Children and Education Scholars, Pre-Physical Therapy Club, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Buckeyes For Life (help register organ donors), First Year Experience (Orientation Leader).

HC: If someone is looking for a reason to get involved on campus, what advice would you give them? How has being involved at OSU benefited your college experience?

AT: The best part of attending one of the largest Universities is the ability to get involved with thousands of different groups that vary from tailgating 101 to honors and academics. Every student, regardless of age, major, passions, can find a “perfect fit” club. Attending a relatively small high school really motivated me to get involved and make OSU seem “small.”  It’s up to each student to make this large university their ideal community. The benefit is that you can tailor your community to contain the things you love most. Advice? Just do it! Try any club that sounds semi-interesting. If you don’t like it, find a different one. YOU WILL FIND MANY YOU LOVE. In order to get the full Buckeye experience and have every opportunity this university gives us, you have to put yourself out there and get involved. You won’t be disappointed.

HC: What are your post-graduation plans?

AT: After graduation, I plan on working part time in health management while attending physical therapy graduate school (hopefully here at OSU) to receive my DPT. After graduate school, I plan to use my skill sets to open my own physical therapy practice.



Megan is a senior at The Ohio State University and a contributing writer for Her Campus. She's majoring in journalism with an international studies minor. This past summer, she interned for 614 Media Group. This fall, she's a reporter for Ohio State's newspaper, The Lantern. She has dreams of moving to the west coast, becoming a writer, and owning far too many pugs.