9 Times You Feel Like an “Out-of-State Buckeye" instead of Just a "Buckeye"

It goes without saying that being a student at The Ohio State University is as good as life gets. However, being an out-of-state student at a school where over half of the student population is made up of in-staters, can be hard at times. We’re all Buckeyes for life, but some of us weren’t lucky enough to be Buckeyes from ages 0-18.

1. When you ask someone where they’re from and they respond, “20 minutes outside of Toledo” or “Hyde Park, it’s a suburb in Cincinnati.” And everyone totally understands and/or makes references about the area:

And you have no idea what they’re talking about:

2. The first couple of times Hang on Sloopy comes on and everyone sings and knows to do “O-H-I-O” (the same goes for Carmen Ohio):

And you have never heard these songs before, but want to keep up:

3. When everyone is super excited about jumping into Mirror Lake: 

And you find out your parents booked your flight home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, so you're going to miss it:

4. When it’s a long weekend and everyone decides to go home:

And you’re stuck in your dorm/house alone with no one to talk, eat or hang out with:

5. When everyone exchanges Cedar Point stories:

And you wish you knew what they were talking about:

6. When someone asks if you want a “pop,” “sucker,” “sweeper” or some “tennis shoes”:

And you think to yourself, “it’s called soda, lollipop, vacuum and sneakers”:

7. The same goes for restaurants like Skyline Chill, Donatos, or Raising Cane’s:

And you have to act like you’ve eaten there before:

8. When you’re walking on High Street and have to stop 10 times because your friend sees someone from their high school, their cousin, their cousin’s cousin or their camp friend’s best friend:

And you’re left wondering, “how does everyone know everyone?!”:

9. When someone says, “you’re fine!” after you say sorry:

And you think to yourself, don’t they mean “it’s ok” or “no problem?”: