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7 Simple Costume Ideas for Those Last-Minute Halloween Parties

Happy Halloweekend! This is one of the most fun times of the year on college campuses across the nation. However, it’s easy to forget to buy a costume when you’re busy studying for classes. Next thing you know, it’s time to go to that fun costume party, and you realize you don’t have anything to wear!

Have no fear! Here are seven easy, last-minute costumes to ease your stress:


This first costume is probably one of the cheapest and easiest options on the list. All you need is white athletic wrap or even toilet paper, and get wrapping! Make it look more realistic by brushing on some dark eyeshadow to make the wrap look “dirty.” Get creative with the makeup on this one for a unique look!

Angel and Devil

This is a classic! The angel and devil duo is best if you have a friend who needs a costume too. One should wear all white and the other all red; then add headbands with a halo or horns for a complete look!

Risky Business

This idea is more original than the last one if angels and devils aren’t your speed. Grab an oversized white button-up, put on some long white socks, throw on some shorts and you’re good to go! Add some sunglasses and a tie if you really want to spice it up.

’80s Aspen

This idea is a fun one and can make for a good group costume. Wear all neon athletic and ski gear (windbreakers, leggings, sports bras, beanies, etc.) to incorporate some neon from the ’80s into a regular ski lodge costume. Add a beanie and some ski goggles for an even better look.

Three Blind Mice

This one only works if you have a group of three, but it’s easy to throw together. All that’s required is an all-black outfit, black sunglasses and mouse ears. If you have time, try to find a cane to make it really realistic.

Music Festival/Coachella attendee

Everyone can do this one. I’m sure most college girls can pull together pieces to make an outfit they would wear to a music festival such as Coachella. The possibilities are endless for this one, so get creative!


All black and a red lip, ladies. This one can be an individual or a couple’s costume, and the pieces can be extremely basic. To look even more like Sandy, style your hair as large as possible. For the men, all that’s needed is a black t-shirt and black pants –– a black leather jacket would be the cherry on top.

If none of these ideas sparked your interest, a good resource to use is Pinterest, which has ideas for any type of costume. Happy Halloween!

Hi! My name is Emma and I'm a freshman at Ohio State. I'm majoring in Health Sciences as a pre-med and I have a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies.
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