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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

1. The Over-Acheiver

They grab the attention of the professor immediately, asking them about some weird hobby of theirs. They sit in the front row and have the syllabus printed out (and stapled!) on the first day. They look poised and perfect every day of class.

2. The Slacker

They sit in the back of the room and text constantly. They set their computer out in class and troll Tumblr and Reddit the entire time. You just know you’re going to get stuck with this person in a group project at least once.

3. The Incredibly Intelligent Person

You sized up your classmates and you think you have a real chance to excel in this class. Until this person raises their hand and spouts out the most poetic sentence ever, including about 10 words you’ve never heard before.

4. The Sleeper

It’s suuuuper awkward when this person falls asleep. They snore pretty loudly and must have some pretty vivid dreams. Why do they even come to this class?!

5. The Know It All

They basically keep their hand raised throughout the entire class period. They usually never get the answer right, but ALWAYS have to put in their two cents.

6. The Stubborn One

This person always tries to tell the teacher that they’re wrong. They refuse to accept what the lecturer is trying to say.

7. The Friend

You complimented their shoes one day and you guys haven’t stopped talking. You always pick each other to work on group projects with. Even after the class is over, you still text them to hang out. Maybe going to this class was worth it?