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As a coffee enjoyer, I love to stop into Starbucks and grab a quick drink just as much as others, but I often find that local coffee spots have a more inviting environment and better coffee. Not to mention, it feels great to go to local coffee spots and know that you’re supporting your community and the local economy! Though local coffee spots are wonderful to go to, it can be challenging to find the best one(s) by simply using Yelp or Google Reviews. So, if you want to visit local coffee spots and change up your environment, check out this list of must-visit local coffee spots near The Ohio State University! 

Stauf’s Coffee in Victorian Village

Located inside an old church, the interior of Stauf’s is charming with its stained glass detailing, unique lighting fixtures, welcoming staff, friendly regulars and plentiful seating options. The main selling point of Stauf’s, though, is its variety of food and drink options–my personal favorites are a hot dirty chai with oat milk and vanilla and an iced vanilla latte with oat milk. Stauf’s Coffee has several locations throughout the Columbus area, but this location is just a hop and a skip away from South Campus down Neil Avenue and is my favorite Sunday study spot!

Fox in the Snow in Italian Village

Prominently known for its fresh pastries and food, Fox in the Snow also makes killer cold brews and lattes. Not to mention, the bright atmosphere, kind staff and smiling customers all make this cafe that much more appealing and welcoming. If you’re up for a quick drive, a longer walk or an approximately 20-minute COTA bus ride, I highly recommend checking out Fox in the Snow for either a solo trip or catching up with friends and family!

One Line Coffee in the Short North

The first time I visited One Line Coffee, I wanted to grab a coffee somewhere I could enjoy reading my romance novel, and One Line Coffee in the Short North provided exactly that environment for me. There’s a tall counter at the front of the shop where you can sit and sip your coffee while people-watching, and at the back, there are a few seating options that allow you to relax and do some work or read. With just a 15 to 20-minute COTA bus ride or a long walk down High Street, you should definitely grab a delicious latte or chai at One Line Coffee in the Short North!

Roaming Goat Coffee Company in the Short North

My friends and I visited Roaming Goat Coffee Company a few times together, and every time the staff has been super helpful, funny and amiable. I’m a big fan of their seasonal flavors–especially their rose lattes in the spring–and flexible atmosphere where people can both work and hang out. Roaming Goat Coffee Company and One Line Coffee are located just down the block from one another, so Roaming Goat is also a quick trip away by the COTA bus!

Kafe Kerouac in Old North Columbus

Out of all these coffee shops, Kafe Kerouac is the most recent coffee spot I’ve visited, and the cafe itself is very vintage with an old records and magazines section at the front of the shop and well-loved furniture. This is the perfect late-night cozy study spot or meetup spot with friends since it’s open through midnight on most days, and they have wonderful chai lattes. From North Campus, Kafe Kerouac is less than a ten-minute walk, so go drop on in, whether that’s with friends or a solo trip!

I have plenty more local coffee spots to check out near The Ohio State University’s campus, but until I explore the Columbus area more, these are the five best local coffee spots near OSU!

Originally from Cincinnati, Brooke Hoctor is in her second year at OSU studying Communication and Spanish. Her favorite things are romance books, romantic comedies, listening to music, doing word searches, spending time with friends and finding new coffee shops and food spots. She enjoys writing about entertainment, mental health, and relationships.