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4 Valentine’s Day Playlists I Recommend to Set the Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Whether you’re spending the day with friends or with your S.O., this holiday is the perfect opportunity to share some love and listen to some music. Personally, I love to switch up my playlists with the seasons and holidays. It helps me branch out my music taste and bring positive vibes into my daily routines.

Here’s four playlists on Spotify I recommend for setting the mood this Valentine’s Day:

Lofi Love 2023

I’m a lofi lover, so I needed to start this list out with a new relaxing playlist. This playlist is more upbeat than traditional lofi playlists, making you feel lighthearted leading up to Valentine’s Day. I recommend putting this playlist on while you’re working, studying or doing chores to focus on your task.

Anti-Valentine’s Day

Not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? That’s completely valid. This Spotify-curated playlist is adjacent to a hot girl pump up playlist. It’s full of songs that celebrate moving on from heartbreak and celebrating your self-love. This is the perfect playlist for anyone who’s looking to escape the love-filled holiday and remind themselves why they never want to talk to their ex again.

Candle Light DInner

This playlist is perfect for romantic evenings or for your Valentine’s Day spent at home. It will make your home feel like a restaurant while you’re making heart-shaped pizzas or sharing pasta Lady and the Tramp style.

Make Out Jams

The title speaks for itself! This playlist is a great mix up of pop hits with steady beats. It’s a great playlist to put in the background while you’re up to spicy activities. Just…don’t sing along to the words.

Olivia Cohen is a Communication student at The Ohio State University.