20 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Holiday Break

1. My relatives better not ask me if I have a boyfriend.

2. All of these dentist/doctor appointments cannot be necessary.

3. I love my bed.


4. I hope my parents forget to ask me what my GPA is.

5. I need to find a way to sneak my dog/cat back to college with me.

6. How many “I miss you” texts to my roommate is too many?

7. I hope no one bought me a Christmas present, because I didn’t buy them one.

8. I definitely gain more weight at home than at school. #CantStopWontStop

9. I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve been wearing these sweatpants.

10. I should post something on Instagram so people don’t think I’m as bored/lonely as I am.

11. Is there anywhere I can go out to eat without running into people from my high school?

12. I need to find a summer job ASAP.

13. Why is this break SO long?


14. Is it rude to text people to play me back on trivia crack?

15. I hate when Netflix asks me if “I’m still watching *insert show that you have been watching for 4+ hours here*.” The answer is always yes and I don’t appreciate the judgment.

16. New Years Eve is supposed to be fun, right?

17. I wish I was watching our bowl game on campus.

18. If my mom and best friend just came to college with me, I’d never have to come home.

19. I forgot how to drive.

20. Next year I’m going back to school early.

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