The 18 People You See On Campus Every Day

Welcome back to campus, fellow Buckeyes! After a long summer away, it feels so good to walk through the oval, study in the halls of Thompson and visit The Union again. While some things change from year to year, one thing that stays the same is the variety of people you will see everyday on our beloved Ohio State campus.

  1. The gym rat: Workout shorts, a muscle tee, sneakers (I refuse to say tennis shoes, Ohioans) and a gym bag in hand; some students seem to be full-time gym rats and part-time students.
  2. The fake gym rat: Flip-flops or makeup are signs that the student in all Nike probably doesn’t workout, but dresses like it everyday (no shame, workout clothes are cute and comfy, just know that we know).
  3. The couple: Nothing like a cute couple holding hands and exchanging goodbye kisses before your 8am to make you nearly puke up your breakfast.
  4. The athlete: If the Ohio State workout gear and sweat-suits aren’t enough of a tip, you can always tell who the athletes are thanks to their backpacks with their numbers on them. Do they EVER take those things off?
  5. The hipster: Sometimes I don't know if a student is headed to class or Coachella.
  6. The smoker: Despite’s OSU’s efforts to have a smoke-free campus, there’s always a few that break the rules and try to smoke discretely. Spoiler alert: we see you.
  7. The professional: The one time a month you’re proud of yourself for dressing nice for class, someone always shows you up with their perfect, professional outfit (and they dress like that everyday).
  8. The one who just woke up: I don’t know what I see more, students who are walking so slow with a Starbucks cup in hand, or students asleep on benches or in lectures.
  9. The one still dressed in last nights clothes: Unless you haven’t done laundry in 2 months or got dressed in the dark, your crop top and mini skirt means you never made it home. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is either, there’s always a few of these walking around.
  10. The lost freshman: If only the lanyard you wore around your neck had a map in it.
  11. The one dressed for the wrong weather: The student in rain boots when it’s sunny and the student in a tank top when it’s about to snow, there is always someone who isn’t dressed for mother nature. The weather channel app is free collegiates, download it and thank me later.
  12. The one who works at OSU: A lot of students work on campus, and their black OSU hats give them away. Are you supposed to say hi to the person who works the register every time you buy a sandwich or no?
  13. The eater: Speaking off food, there is nothing worse than when you’re starving and the person next to you is eating something delicious. Why can’t we remember to think ahead and bring snacks?
  14. The selfie taker: Nothing slows down a huge group of people like the student who stops to take a snapchat or Instagram selfie.
  15. The music listener: There are students in every class that have headphones in everyday, without fail (and sometimes during the lecture). I always want to know what they’re listening to.
  16. The one in scrubs: Students in green scrubs,  students in red scrubs,  students in blue scrubs, students who wish they were Meredith Grey and also got to wear scrubs.
  17. The studious one: When they’re not in class they’re walking faster than everyone else to get to class. Their backpack is as high as it will go, and the stressed out look on their face is enough to make you feel stressed out too.
  18. The creeper: The student who sits in the oval and on random benches in between classes, people watching and noticing everything. In other words, me. Never change, OSU classmates, #NeverChange.

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