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16 Thoughts Every OSU Fan Has On Gameday

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! Grab your buckeye necklaces and your Natty Lights and get ready to watch some Ohio State football. Here’s what goes down:

1. It’s like Christmas! And New Year’s! And Halloween! And my birthday!

2. I don’t know which OSU shirt *pulls out 25+ options* to wear.

3. I want the Quarterback to be Cardale. No, JT. No, me!

4. TBT to that time we won the National Championship.

5. Carmen Ohio is one of the greatest songs in the world. #SoPoetic

6. Urban Meyer is a sliver fox and he knows it.

7. I wish I pulled off a crop-top like Zeke.

8.  Brutus is so trippy to stare at. I hope he takes a selfie with me later.

9. I always forget how stressful this is to watch.

10. We need more drinks. *Orders another round that no one in the group really needs*

11. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by Ohio State fans. #SquadGoals

12. We should change the American flag’s colors to scarlet and gray.

13. I hope that Team Up North is Losing. *Checks phone, celebrates because they usually are*

14. I’m naming my future child Joey Bosa (first name).

15. Being a buckeye is the best feeling in the world.

And most importantly,

16. Win or lose, we still booze.

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Sarah is a student at The Ohio State University who loves all things television and pop culture. She is a writer for HC OSU and a Chapter Advisor. For more from Sarah, visit www.sarahmarieh.wordpress.com or www.twitter.com/sarahhearon.