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10 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

1. Decorate. Decorate a lot.

You cannot be in the holiday mood without covering your entire house/apartment/dorm/bedroom in Christmas lights.


2. Eat.

Take advantage of home-cooked meals.


3. Get together with your friends from home.

Catch up on all the drama you’ve missed!


4. Buy your gifts AHEAD OF TIME!

Don’t get stuck having to buy all your presents on Christmas eve!


5. Tell your friends and family that you love them.

There is no better time than the holiday season!

6. Enjoy having time to yourself.

There is no shame in spending a night in by yourself to watch your favorite holiday movies.


7. Blast your favorite holiday tunes.

And don’t be afraid to belt along.


8. Buy yourself a hot little number to wear out on the town.

It can be your gift to yourself.


9. When you’re in that outfit, find yourself a hottie and some mistletoe.

Even if you stashed the mistletoe in your purse…


10. And above all, enjoy your break from school!


(Images and GIFs from http://www.tumblr.com)

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