10 Reasons Our Cutie Calendar Is the Perfect Holiday Gift


1.     For only 10 dollars you can support a charity that saves cute dogs like Emma here from being killed, and get a fabulous calendar.

Like, she's wearing sunglasses... #perfect

2.     It will make your wall and your heart happy. I mean you’ll get to look at photos like this one all year long…..

two words are sure to brighten up 2015: baseball pants


3.     It’s the gift that keeps on giving for your friends/moms/aunts/yourself…..

4.     ALL of the proceeds benefit the dogs


5.     This…just this


The dogs love each other about as much as we love these boys



6.     All we want for Christmas is…all of the cuties in this Calendar



Who all go to Ohio State….

7.     Because what is cuter than puppy kisses?


8.      You will make the dogs beyond happy

just look at that smile, we’re talking about the dog’s smile of course (but also the boy's)


9. It’s perfect if you like

a.      Musicians

b.     Athletes

c.     Funny guys

d.     Cute boys in suits

e.     Dogs

f.     All of the above




10. We’ve made it easier to buy, you can buy it through

a.      Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/212016590/her-campus-osu-cutie-calendar

b.     Venmo: Look up Her Campus OSU, pay and leave your email so that we can contact you about getting the calendar to you.

c.      Or email [email protected] or  [email protected]  to get it directly from us.