10 Potential Storylines For "Sex and the City 3"

If the rumors are true, it's time to pour yourself a cosmopolitan and get your best girlfriends all together-- there's another Sex and the City movie on the way! Series stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis fueled rumors that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are reuniting through a series of tweets last week.

Jennifer Hudson, who appeared in the first SATC movie, added more fuel to the fire by telling reporters it “might be happening.”

Even though the movie is not totally confirmed, that doesn't stop us from dreaming up some potential storylines for our four favorite besties.

1. A baby for Carrie and Big: One of the only challenges that Carrie Bradshaw has not tackled yet is motherhood. It would be interesting to see both Carrie and Big raise a little one, and even more interesting to see her inevitably fabulous maternity clothes.

2. A wedding for Samantha: She vowed to never walk down the aisle, but Samantha finding the man of her dreams and trading in that vow for another one, would be the perfect plot twist. Not to mention that watching Carrie and friends plan the wedding (and dresses!) would be fascinating.

3. A trip to Vegas: The Hangover: Sex and the City edition-- enough said.

4. Or Paris: Remember when Carrie went to Paris in the show's series finale? Watching her rome the streets and shop by herself was fun, but watching all 4 girls explore the city of lights would be better. Think Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl season 4.

5. Or Miami: The Kardashains don't have to be the only ones to take Miami, and the SATC girls spending their summer in NYC and winter in the Floirda sun could help mix things up.

6. Bonding for Big, Harry and Steve: It's time for the SATC guys to bond like their wives, and I think if they sent Big, Harry and Steve out for a drink, hilarity would ensue.

7. Tinder, Buzzfeed and Snapchat: A lot has changed in the social media since we last time Sex and the City graced our screens, and Samantha trying out Tinder, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda snapchatting their husbands and Carrie working at Buzzfeed sounds entertaining (and realistic) to me.

8. A hall pass for all 4 ladies: I love that Carrie is with Big, Miranda is with Steve and Charlotte is with Harry, but I would love to see them all single one more time because no one dates like the cast of Sex and the City.

9. A Carrie Diaires Crossover: We got to meet young Carrie and Samantha in the CW prequel to Sex and the City, and a girls night where the ladies exchange stories about their past could be the perfect opportunity to bring in AnnaSophia Robb and company.

10. The ghosts of boyfriends past: I don't know if it is even possible to bring back all of the men the SATC women dated, but if the majority of them came back and wanted second chances with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, their reactions would be priceless. Plus, we could see what they're all up to now. #NeverForgetBurger 

If you're blowing out birthday candles, find a lucky penny, or make a wish in a fountain anytime soon, make sure you wish for the Sex and the City rumors to be true.

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