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Why Going Home For Spring Break Is Actually Great

Though going on a stereotypical college trip to Cancun or Cabo can be fun, going home can be a great time too. I always feel pressure to go on a crazy spring break trip around this time of year, but – let’s face it – college is expensive!

Here are some things that you can do at home instead of going on an expensive trip.


Reconnect with old friends

If your friends from high school are home for break too, hit them up and relive some old memories from high school.



There are always people in need, go find some and make your break meaningful.


Spring clean

I always find that getting rid of old clothes and knick-knacks makes me feel more focused and clear minded. Take time this break to clear out some of your items that you left at home.


Get ahead on school work

Spring term is really fun, having some of your work done before hand will make the first few weeks more bearable.


Plan for the future

Look into possible internships and scholarships you can apply for. Also planning your future schedule is a great idea as well.


Lock down a summer job

If you have to go back home over the summer, take the time to meet with a possible employer now to put a name to the face when you apply.


Read a book

If you love reading, you know it can be a struggle in college to read. You never have time!


Go swimming

You can still get cute “beach” pictures by having a pool party with friends when you’re at home.

Hi I'm Hannah! I'm currrently a sophmore majoring in journalism and political science at the University of Oregon. I am a coffee addict and love to watch classic movies with my dog. I am a part of the U of O mock trial team and am a huge follower of politics. I love to write and am a total book worm!
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