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What’s Next: Planning for Life after Graduation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

“So, what are your plans now?” All you soon to be college graduates know what I’m talking about. At this point in our senior year, the realization that graduation is right around the corner is probably setting in about now. Everyone wants to know what your next move will be, and you’re likely wondering the same thing. Even if you’re like me and you have your next move somewhat planned, life is about to get very different. Whether grad school or a new job is in the horizon, graduating from college is both overwhelming and thrilling.

            As you begin to map out your life and future career plans, it’s important to address and acknowledge the emotions you may be navigating during this period of time. In the last stretch of college, you may be feeling sadness around leaving the familiarity of the past few years. You may be feeling unsure of what life looks like outside of your group of familiar friends, student housing, and your normal college routine. These feelings are entirely normal and natural to feel as a major stage of your life comes to an end. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge these emotions.

In navigating these next steps, it’s also important to find ways to stay organized to avoid feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed and unprepared. For me, this looks like planning using calenders, planners, sticky notes and notebooks to keep track of my goals and needs. Here a few supplies that are helping me to feel organized and put together.

  1. Use a Large Calender (either virtual, paper, or whiteboard)

2. Use a notebook or planner to write down goals/plans for accountability

   3. Staying organized is important, but don’t forget to relax and breathe

Perhaps most importantly, appreciate your accomplishment is getting to your senior year of college! Remember to breathe and relax and you make big decisions. As you make plans for the months following graduation, make sure to find ways to put yourself first!

Alanna Uding

Oregon '22

Hi I'm Alanna! I'm from Portland Oregon and I'm currently a senior at University of Oregon with a major in Education and a minor in English. I love going on hikes, runs, trying new coffee shops and in my free time, writing. I'm excited to contribute to a creative space focused on empowering women!