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UO Rec Center Review: Core Strength

We have many perks and great opportunities here at the University of Oregon. One such opportunity to get some scheduled-in fitness without the hefty fees most gyms would charge you is to use our own Rec Center. There are plenty of fun and challenging fitness classes for as little as $3.75 per class (for 20 classes), and it's right on campus where you already are most of the time (so there's no reason not to go!).

Most classes are an hour long, but there is a half hour core strength class on Sundays at 6:00 p.m.

This class was twenty-five minutes of pure abs alternating between various different exercises. All muscles in the abdominal region were hit through the use of different weights and resistance bands.

This is a great class to go to for some serious ab work. It is also great if you’re looking for new moves to add to your own routine. The instructor, Allee, uses a range of ab targeting exercises that you can easily reuse.

Music Choice: The music was upbeat and mixed with a step tempo that kept your energy up including pop and hip-hop selections.

Level of Exertion: You will get your money’s worth and definitely feel the (good) burn fairly early into the class.

Soreness: The next day my obliques and core were tight so I know I did some good work.

Instructor Energy: Allee is positive and outgoing and maintained high liveliness the entire class.
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Rebecca Gibson is a University of Oregon junior studying photography and journalism. Her career goals include writing, design, and multimedia production for magazine. Due to growing up in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon, Rebecca values staying active and healthy and the beauty in simple things. She is addicted to online shopping, the feeling after a great workout, traveling the world, and eating delicious food. Her role models include Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Conrad, and any other woman who can be classy and maintain a healthy dose of sarcasm at the same time. She is a lover of all things original, creative, chic, and fashionable. Visit her website!

Rebecca is a senior at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. She is currently studying photography and magazine journalism. Hailing from the mountain town of Bend, Oregon, Rebecca values being outdoors, staying active, and the beauty in simple things. She loves seeing what other people are exploring in their fashion and finding new trends. Rebecca is a lover of all things creative, spontaneous, stylish, and interesting.
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