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UO President Lariviere’s last day Dec. 28th

Well, it’s been decided, collegiettes! UO President Lariviere’s last day will be December 28th. After numerous rallies, meetings, and protests, the board voted, with much urging by Oregon University System Chancellor George Pernsteiner, unanimously to fire him.

“We cannot allow an important team member to undermine the goals and success of the whole institution,” board member Allyn Ford said.

In June, Lariviere’s contract was reportedly renewed with the requirement “that he stop advocating for the UO’s independence,” something his supporters have argued in favor of.

While Governor Kitzhaber said he would support the board in firing Lariviere, U.S. Rep. Defazio disagreed, saying “the state board had let itself become “mired in a fight for control” without appreciating the quality work happening at UO.”

One thing is for sure: the future of UO has a big question mark over its head as the search for a new president begins.



Serena Piper will always be a Southern belle at heart, but for now she is a Senior Magazine Journalism student at the University of Oregon. She is an avid news reader and watcher, loves to bake yummy desserts and watch Sex and the City reruns, has big travel plans for after graduation and would eventually like to work for National Geographic. She wouldn't mind one bit if her life echoed Elizabeth Gilbert's in Eat, Pray, Love. To find out what Serena is up to, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter
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