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Unexpected Color Combos to Start Wearing Now

You probably haven’t thought of pairing rust with purple or pale blue with a bold yellow. By implementing these simple tricks into your wardrobe, your confidence will be taken to new heights. These hip, fun pairs will take your black and white outfit from boring to roaring.

It’s easy to get into a style rut. You see yourself wearing the same colors over and over again. Black and white is your go-to, comfort color combination. You’ve subconsciously bought multiple navy separates this season, but it’s understandable because we all seem to go through phases where we turn to the same color(s) when getting dressed in the morning.

However, after working in a place that feeds constant fashion trends and continuously reading my monthly InStyle magazine subscription, I have proof of some unique color matching.

1.     Hot pink and bold red

I know, I know. Valentine’s colors are the first thing that pops into your mind. But you have to trust me, with the correct color pairing, this combination will make you stand out as a style star among your friends, on the streets of a big city, or even in the office. Make sure both colors are bold and bright. (I think this combination looks best when paired with bright blonde hair.)

2.     Red, black, and white

I remember walking through the streets of San Francisco this past winter break. A woman walked by wearing a classic black pea coat, knee length. She was wearing it open to show the crisp white inner lining with the bold red collar popped. She had taken a classic look to a new level with the use of this modern color pairing.

3.     Plum and ochre orange

I’ve always loved this color combination. It reminds me of the colors I typically see paired together in the windows of J. Crew. Over the summer, I saw one of my Nordstrom coworkers wearing an ochre orange sweater with plum colored skinny jeans and platinum black oxfords. The simplicity of the outfit (sweater, pants and lace-up shoes) was turned into a modern, extremely stylish look with this color combination.

4.     Maroon and blue

Weird right? But this totally unexpected color combination stands as one of my favorites, for sure. At Nordstrom, we used to have a mannequin wearing a maroon and blue striped top paired with a double-breasted navy blue skirt. In order to make it a bold winter outfit, we suggested that our customers add a cream colored scarf, black tights and black booties to make a complete chic outfit.

5.     Pale blue, navy and yellow

So you’re probably wondering how to make up ground because of your multiple navy blue clothing purchases at H&M this past weekend. Try pairing these pieces with pale, baby blue and bold yellow. The latest InStyle magazine pairs a navy pencil skirt with a baby blue top and yellow heels. The combination was breathtakingly original and stylish.

Hopefully these style tips will assist you in getting out of your style rut or just simply spice up your wardrobe a bit!

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