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I’m hoping that in the near future I’ll be able to go to Cabo. When my mom was in college she went almost every spring break and summer. I love hearing about all of the wild things she did with her friends and the incredible experiences she had there. She even performed a dance at her wedding to my dad that she would do with her friends at the famous bar “El Squid Roe”. So, I decided to compile a short list of things to do in Cabo. Some of them are from the internet, and some are straight from things my mom has said are amazing.

  • Go on a glass bottom boat tour

There are many different tour companies in Cabo san Lucas that do glass bottom boat tours out to “the arch”. “The arch” consists of major rock formations off the coast. They are a popular destination for kayakers and snorkelers. The glass bottom boat tour allows you to see underneath you the whole way out to the rocks! It’s a great way to see many forms of marine life. It’s also a good option for those who aren’t quite comfortable with snorkeling or getting in the water but still want to see all of the beautiful things the undersea has to offer!

  • Eat an enormous amount of tacos and chips and guacamole on the beach

If you’re looking for a party, head to Mango Deck Cantina. It’s located right on the sand and is notorious for its year-round spring break state of mind. If you’re wanting something a little more laid back, try The Office on the Beach. Both will put you right on the beach with delicious food to enjoy.

  • Head to Playa del Amor for a beach day

“Lover’s Beach” is one of the most popular places to go for some ocean time in Cabo. Located right next to “Divorce Beach”, the names of the two offer a good contrast in what one should expect. Lover’s Beach has calm waters and is good for swimming, while Divorce Beach is notorious for rough waves, riptides, and overall very dangerous conditions. If you’re heading to this area, stick to Lover’s Beach.

  • Visit San Jose del Cabo for the day

San Jose del Cabo is less Americanized than Cabo San Lucas. It’s a more quaint, and has less of the party atmosphere. It’s a great place to shop around, enjoy seafood, and walk around the old town.

  • Party the night away and El Squid Roe

No matter what type of partying you like to do, it can happen here. It’s more than acceptable to dance on tables, dance in your seat, just sit and enjoy some food, drinks and music, mingle, or any combination of those things. With an out of this world atmosphere, incredible dance music, along with delicious food and drinks, it’d be easy to spend a whole night here and have an absolute blast. This is the place where my mom learned a complete dance to the song “El Tiburon” with her friends. They danced to that song on the tables of El Squid Roe every time they visited.

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