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Surprise, It’s In the Box!

School is back in full swing, and I can’t help but think of all the family and friends I miss already. It’s always bittersweet leaving home to come back to university grounds. That’s why I decided to surprise my best friends with a little box to show my love and appreciation!

Everyone loves surprises, and even more than that, everyone loves getting mail! I stumbled upon a sponsored ad by greetabl on Instagram. I followed the link and soon enough I had my cart full of two custom-made goodies for my best friends in Texas and Arizona. The website is very user-friendly and includes three easy steps:

1. Pick a background and add photos

Choose the perfect box design that defines your friend or your reason for giving it to them. A unique feature of the box layout is the option to attach memorable photos in the background that describe your relationship to a T. Once your friend opens it, they have a rad poster that reminds them of you. Or, they can tear off the photos to display elsewhere they please. My new personal fav design might be the new Leslie Knope print.

2. Write a little note

Explain why you decided to send them a special gift. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, anniversary, just because, congrats or pick-me-up present. This is the part where pour your heart out and mention inside jokes and memories. I reminded my friends that I value their friendships and overall presence in my life.

3. Select a surprise gift

At the heart of the box lies the unexpected present. From cabernet lollipops to fuzzy socks to BFF jewelry, you have varieties to choose from. The tricky part is that each gift comes at a different price. I chose bath bombs because I thought my girls might benefit from some r&r between the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

Voilá! You’ve now created the perfect personalized gift for your loved one—and they didn’t even see it coming! I received such great feedback and gratitude from my besties. Immediately upon delivery, they each FaceTimed me with smiles from ear to ear! I was also lucky enough to be featured on one of their Snapchat stories—talk about friendship goals!

Let your friends know how much you love and appreciate them because you know they deserve it. Consider it as a simple act of kindness that will brighten anyone’s day! A big distance makes little difference when you have options like greetabl to help you K.I.T. with your loved ones.

Ashley Ferris is an Entertainment Writer for Her Campus Media. Previously Her Campus Oregon chapter's Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief, she's a recent public relations graduate from the University of Oregon. In her free time, Ashley enjoys jamming out to country music, following the latest news on social media and drinking Starbucks coffee on the regular. She loves talking about "Friends" TV show, chocolate candies and anything related to Disney. You can follow her on Twitter @ashleybird17.
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