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Spring Trends: Hollister Style

Working at Hollister Co. means I not only get to smell like Hollister all the time (you know you still love that smell) and have my eardrums assaulted by upbeat music every time I work, but I get a sneak peek of what Hollister thinks is trendy for the next season. Sometimes, I see clothes that make me realize why Hollister is still marketed towards middle schoolers (with graphic tees that say “Let’s make out” and “Why don’t you tweet about it”).

But a surprising amount of the time, I see clothes that are actually cute. Like, really cute. Of course, the employee discount helps, but my closet is starting to contain the most Hollister it’s had since middle school. Colored pants? Done. Denim shirt? All over it. Twelve different variations of a white lacy tank top? I’ve got them all.

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen in the store that I will invariably be sporting come spring time:

  • Denim shirts. They’re lightweight for those warmer days, they’re easily layered, and they look great with any pant style that isn’t more denim. I love wearing mine with white skinnies, sandals, and a cute tank top underneath.

  • Tribal print. Hollister doesn’t stop at putting tribal print on just their tops—it’s featured on their jeans, on their shorts, and their bracelets. Look for tribal print continuing to be a big hit in 2013—tribal-covered jeans are a fun way to add interest to a standard jeans-and-tee outfit.

  • High necklines. There’s something so 90’s and yet so concert-going-hipster about them. They’re perfect layered with a blazer and high waisted shorts for class.
  • Bralettes. I love these for layering under sheer tanks and button ups. They’re also the perfect solution for when you feel like wearing a cute outfit but don’t feel like putting a bra on (I know I’m not the only one who has those days!).

  • Sleeveless button-ups. Hollister has deliciously tacky ones that would be so wonderful paired with colorful sandals and whatever else you have that’s thrift shop inspired. And helloooo spring break bikini coverup!

I know Hollister brings back memories of braces and awkward crushes, but it’s style has also grown up with us. So grab a flashlight and be amazed at how many cute things you find–and I’m not just talking about the shirtless guys on the walls.


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