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If you can’t afford to jet off to an exotic location this Spring Break, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! Although we may dream about it, not everyone can afford a warm, tropical, relaxing Spring Break vacation. But don’t fret! There are still plenty of fun, adventurous things you can do to enjoy your break! And honestly, you deserve the fun after all the stress and work of winter quarter! Here are some fun ideas for those of you who will not be on the next flight to Cabo!

Explore your City – We often forget that there are fun, exciting destinations closer than we might think! If you live within reason to a big city, head there and do fun touristy things! Try new restaurants or cafes, and visit museums or tourist attractions! There are endless options in cities, so take advantage of them. Adventure and fun things are out there if you just search for them!

Road-trip with a Friend – Hop in the car with a friend (or a few) and drive wherever your heart desires. Go visit some of your other friends, explore a new city, or turn it into a camping trip! The options are endless because a road trip allows for a lot of spur of the moment decisions and there are so many beautiful places to see. You don’t need a passport or plane ticket to enjoy your break! Sometimes your best friends and a car are all you need.

Culinary Tourist – Try new food places in your hometown or in nearby towns and cities. You always go to your favorites, but try somewhere new while you’re home! Or, try some of the places that have popped up since you’ve been away at school! There are bound to be new options somewhere nearyou, and spring break is the perfect time to try them!

Enjoy the Relaxation Time – Although many people have crazy ideas regarding spring break, not everyone necessarily wants to experience a week-long party. If you do not have any big plans for spring break, try to take the time to relax, catch up on some sleep, read those books you’ve been meaning to read, and spend time with family or friends. Enjoy this quiet time, because after all, spring term is right around the corner and you’re bound to have plenty of fun then!


A current senior at UO, Catie spends most of her time stressing about post-grad plans, or procrastinating by watching HGTV shows (Fixer Upper, anyone?). A self-proclaimed caffeine and candy addict, Catie's loves include puppies and sunshine. You can find her in local coffeeshops or soaking up her last few months in Eugene. 
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