Six Shows to Binge-Watch This Winter Break

Schitt$ Creek

This show is about an excessively wealthy family that loses everything except for a small town called “Schitts Creek” that they bought as a joke. They move to the town and have to adjust to life in a less-than-nice area. Their transition is hilarious, it is extremely well-written and witty. Eugene Levy stars along with his son Daniel Levy, the pair also co-wrote the show. It has perfect 20 minute long episodes for those of you with short attention spans.


Santa Clarita Diet

This show is a dark spin-off of a real housewives show. The mom in the show, played by Drew Barrymore, develops a strange disorder that leads to cannibalism. This show is weird enough to keep you on your toes and somehow positive enough to keep you coming back for another episode.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

If you’re politically incorrect or don’t mind a little politically incorrect humor, this show is hysterical. A group of friends that run a bar together and are on the continuous journey to make more money. They end up getting in the strangest situations with each other that will leave you asking “what on Earth did I just watch?”


Grace and Frankie

This short-episode show is about two older ladies whose husbands turn gay for each other and the two are forced to be friends and live together so that they aren’t alone. It’s a hilarious perspective from the older viewpoint on real-life struggles. They have adult kids, end up creating a vibrator business, and start dating again at the age of 70.


Jane the Virgin

This show is a modern TV Drama. It’s funny, it’s aggravating, it will leave you crying and depressed, and at the same time fills you with love. I have never felt more emotions and been so thoroughly entertained during an episode of this show than I have with anything ever. I never once got bored and I ended up loving the way that it is filmed (although different, it was original).

White Collar 

First things first, the main character is SEXY. But if that isn’t enough to make you watch this show, I understand. It is an entertaining and uplifting look at the perspective of a criminal mastermind trying to play for the good guys and still commit crime at the same time.