Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Real Life Superhero

Popularly known as the Notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg serves as one of the most influential women in American history. RBG is the first Jewish female U.S. Supreme Court justice, and the second woman appointed to this position, and is now the oldest member in the Supreme Court.

During her collegiate days, RBG was constantly questioned about her choice to attend Harvard Law School. She was one of the nine women enrolled in a 500 person class. She was asked, “why are you taking a man's spot in this class?” Ruth Bader Ginsburg was intimidated during her years at Harvard. However, her husband, Marty acted as the perfect supportive husband. Marty was a man that thought very progressively for the time period. He, along his wife championed for the education of women and the right for women to participate in the work force.

In 1970, RBG presented six cases to the Supreme Court and remarkably won five of the six cases. The cases all had relativity with issue regarding women’s equality. RBG championed for women’s rights. She experienced discrimination on the bases of sex first hand. Nonetheless, she graduated at the top of her classes, but had trouble with finding jobs and when she did find a job, she noticed she was paid less than the men. Ginsburg served as lead counsel for the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. Ginsburg believed that it would be efficient and effective to choose certain battles to fight and argue for rights that would set precedents for more change regarding feminists issues. Ruth Bader Ginsburg bravely used her soft spoken voice to discuss louder harsher problems impacting both men and women to show the significance and importance of sex discrimination as a whole.

Previously battled injustices and discrimination on the basis of her sex classification, and is now conquering her next battle of cancer and by the looks of it, nothing is slowing down the Notorious RBG.