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Real Live College Guy Chris: What Guys Think of Your Party Attire

Dear Chris,

After turning 21, I have been frequenting the bars on the weekends. One huge difference I notice between bars and going to house parties with friends is the way that girls dress. Shorter skirts, sheerer tops, and heavier make-up. Does the way girls dress truly send out a message or do guys look past it? Do they see a girl in a mini dress and think she’s sk*nky and not approach her? Is it more intimidating to approach a girl like this?


Newly 21

Dear Newly 21,

Yes, there are differences between the two scenes, but I don’t think all girls should feel the need to wear more revealing clothing. From my perspective, I believe that house parties do present a more laid back atmosphere, but then again, from the first day you flashed that I.D. you’ve looked forward to bar hopping with your girls. Being 21 is the chance to get away from the sketchy situations house parties present. I think guys feel the same way about being 21. It’s not sketch! The way a girl dresses can attract conversation and certain styles are something guys have a  weakness for. It’s something we notice. But that doesn’t mean you must have your butt hanging out to get that attention. Use your own taste and style to show your personality; to show who you are.     



When you enter a bar, you show up only with the people you came with and you’ll likely meet up with people you already know. Besides the people you are already acquainted with, the rest of the bar is opportunity for mingling or being approached. That is why most of us go to bars right? To meet new people! The first glance is what opinions are based off of. You never know who you might meet, so that first look might be what is important. The first impression–or what some guy sees you wearing–could be what triggers him to make a move or start a conversation.  


Since bars usually present first impression situations, I think that what you wear is important.  I’m not saying you have to wear a short dress or revealing top to get our attention, but that certain styles attract certain guys, so when choosing what you wear you should be yourself.  Bars won’t get raided by the police so you won’t have to worry about running away in heels or a short dress.  Dress to impress. Guys won’t look at you as sk*nky.  It’s more likely that he will approach you if you just be you. What you wear shows your personality, so be yourself and wear it well. 

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