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The Perfect Halloween Movies You’re Looking For

Halloween is just around the corner and who couldn’t be more excited? It’s that time of the year again where girls and boys are searching for the perfect outfit, decorations and pumpkins are on every door step, pumpkin spice lattes are now on the Starbuck’s menu, and families are looking forward to enjoying an exciting Halloween movie. Every year during this season, people look forward to cuddling up in fuzzy socks and watching some of the very best Halloween movies. We all love to get into the season vibes, so here is the perfect list of Halloween movies that you are looking for. 
1. Halloweentown (1998)
This movie basically was my childhood, just like many others I’m assuming. It is about a young girl, named Marnie, who learns that she is a witch at the age of 13.  She is transported to a whole other world through a secret portal, where she finds all kinds of Halloween creatures. This movie not only brings the feeling of Halloween, but also the feeling of being a child again.

2. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Need to see a movie that involves a little bit of revenge? Well, Hocus Pocus is just the one for you. Three sisters were sentenced to death in Salem, Massachusetts for bewitching little kids. Now that it is Halloween, these women come back to life to get some sweet revenge. Want to know how it ends? You’ll just have to watch to find out! 
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
This family film is perfect for all ages. Jack Skellington is from Halloweentown, but finds a door in the woods that leads him into Christmas Time.  He becomes fascinated by this holiday and presents it to his town, informing them that they will take over Christmas this year. Time to get cozy and enjoy this holiday frenzie film!
4. Halloween (1978)
Now here’s a film that involves some of that good old fashion horror. This movie is all about a six year old boy who murders his older sister by stabbing her on the night of Halloween and then is taken to a mental hospital for fifteen years. He escapes (of course, right?) and comes back to his hometown, Haddonfield, to continue his desire for murder. Who doesn’t love a little bit of horror on Halloween night? I promise that you will have the perfect night with this pick. 
5. Casper (1995)
The movie, Casper, is about a friendly ghost who haunts an old mansion in Maine. He soon falls in love with a girl named Kat, who is the daughter of the ghost specialist that is inspecting the house. What can go wrong with a ghost being in love with a human? Lots. Watch this family comedy and you will have the perfect Halloween night, guaranteed. 
6. Scream (1996)
Here we have the last movie on the list that is known to be the perfect American horror film. In a peaceful California town, arrives a bloodthirsty killer who seeks out a high school student named Sidney. People start to think that this serial killer was the one who raped and murdered Sidney’s mom one year earlier before this frenzie. Crazy right? Sit down and have a little scare from the one and only Ghost Mask. 
Halloween is the season to let go of all the stressful things in your life and take a moment out of reality. It is finally the time to sit back, relax and watch some of the very best movies with friends and family. No need to go outside and feel the need to do anything or go anywhere. Grab some popcorn and put on those pajamas. It’s time to enjoy the holiday!


Kara Fagan is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon, where she is studying the field of journalism. Even though she is greatly driven to do well in academics, she also enjoys many other activities that college life has to offer. You can find her going out to eat at Qdoba with friends, curled up in sweats watching Netflix, or even joining events that her sorority, Alpha Phi, sets up. If you want to find out more about Kara, follow her on Instagram (@fagan_kara)!
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