Party Smart Fall Fashion: Three Outfit Pieces to Rethink

The Little Black Skirt:

Okay, who doesn't own one of these? They can dress up any top, and the color plus short length make it a constantly sexy choice, right? Well, maybe not. Almost everyone looks good in the skirt, but after a few drinks, there are MANY issues that can occur; this needs no explanation. The general rule is: if your butt shows when you bend over to pick something up, do yourself a favor and don't wear it. Not to mention it's fall in Oregon, which means our nights are cold!

The Solution: Don't worry, the 90's are over and you don't have to wear a skort. Short spandex shorts prevent multiple wardrobe malfunctions! They're comfortable, flexible, and basically make you feel invincible! The also can help smooth down panty lines and potential muffin-top issues. Buy a pair, and you'll use them to death.

If preventing the cold is also an issue, buy a pair of tights! Go with a thick pair for really chilly nights or a sheer pair for a classy, sexy look.

Bandeau crop tops:

Lyst: Free People

I'm sorry, I really am, but summer is over. Bandeau tops are great under a shirt, or as part of a swim suit, but as a shirt and that's it? It's a little chilly for that, plus it screams a little too much music festival for going to class or a party. During the fall to winter transition, particularly with our busy, stressful school schedules, we also tend to put on a few more pounds; you might not look as great in a teeny top as you did during summer. Also, calling all curvy women: some styles of bandeau tops were made for girls in the A/B cup range, and therefore those of us that have a generally larger bra size may struggle more in finding a bandeau top that looks good and we won't spill out of.

The Solution: A great look is a wearing your bandeau under a wide-strapped, loose tank top or a sheer top. Super cute! Just make sure that if your bandeau is visible, be careful to avoid the potential issue of it slipping down.You can still get away with the crop top look if you try a short sleeve or long sleeve crop top instead with your high-waisted jeans or flowy skirt. 


We love our pumps, but after a few hours (no matter what you're doing), your feet are crying for help. Twisting your ankle after a bad trip or fall is always an issue, but many girls who wear heels on a regular basis are not aware of the other hazards that can create havoc for your feet! According to an inforgraphic by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, heels can cause dangerous and sometimes even permanent damage for your spine, Achilles tendon, calf muscles, knees, and ankles. Some conditions caused by heels need to be resolved by a doctor, including bunions, shortening of the second toe, corns, and hammertoes. Look these up- they're not pretty. Think you can just take off the heels once the pain gets too much? Walking home barefoot is unsafe and unsanitary for a number of reasons. Eugene streets can be littered with everything from broken glass to urine to vomit; are you really ready to put your feet in that?

The Solution: If you're set on wearing heels and are going to be out for a while, find a way to bring a spare pair of shoes. Some suggest finding a heel with a good, supportive arch to prevent some discomfort. Others suggest switching to flats instead, but the lack of support can also result in pain and damage for your feet. In this season, depending on what you're wearing, a better idea might be to switch to a flat, comfortable boot. A lot of boots have cushiony soles and some also have great arch support, so if you're planning on wearing these for a long period of time, boots are your perfect shoe! Plus, they look awesome, all the time. End of story.