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If we’re talking about fashion power plays, it doesn’t get much better than the classic tracksuit. I mean think of iconic, Mrs. George from Mean Girls. Can we really go up from there? Why no, no we can’t…unless?

As finals season hits full throttle, it can be a challenge to pull together a decent looking outfit that you won’t hate sitting in as you study till you can study no more. For some, like myself, looking cute is half the battle of feeling productive so scrubbing it in a double XL sweatshirt with oversized sweats is simply not an option. Unless said sweatshirt is vintage perhaps. But that’s beside the point. I’m just pretentious. Your oversized sweatshirt and sweats combo leaves you coasting under the radar so if that’s your goal by all means cozy up and away because you’re nailing it. But if you’re trying to be cozy, cute and still make a statement, well it’s time you invested in a classic tracksuit. If you are the image of bravery go the full distance and embody Mrs. George like the true Mean Girls fan that you are. You go and rock that blush pink tracksuit with a tray of pink (virgin?) martinis in hand or without a tray of pink (virgin?) martinis in hand, whatever floats your boat. If you were me, you’d go a little more lowkey with a neutral-colored pair of sweats and a different neutral-colored top and then a matching jacket and slides to top it all off. All those logos would match because I’m the slightest bit OCD. This isn’t a necessity but you often buy tracksuits as a set in which case the matching logos happen naturally. The look that I described can be thought of as the “tracksuit that’s a tracksuit but trying not to be too out there about being a tracksuit” with all the matching but not matching going on. It also included a lot of moving pieces that aren’t necessary to nail this look. All you need to be a rocker of tracksuits are the sweats with the matching jacket. If you have some cute tennies to go with it you’ll really be going the extra mile, no pun intended. 

The classic tracksuit has a zip-up sweatshirt but these days hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts are equally in. They’re a little more slouchy but that just makes you more of a hipster tracksuit wearer. Add in a sling bag and a too-small-for-your-head beanie and you’re ready to rock. I hope your ears don’t get cold!

The tracksuit look may seem basic but with our brains filled with definitions, essay prompts, and finals dates the basics are just what we need. And the basics look good! If all your brain can handle is finding the two items that look exactly alike, at least you know they’ll be comfortable and even look nice as an added bonus. And isn’t that what really matters as we make our zombie-like trek to the library in anticipation for finals?

So I'm writing, right? When suddenly all I can think about is Key Lime La Croix and avocado bagels and now look where we are. I live to entertain, educate, and empower you, my lovely reader. Thanks for coming along for the journey.
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