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I know I’m not the only one out there who loves to binge- watch Netflix, and lucky for you I found two more shows to add to your list! Last weekend I had “nothing” to do, or maybe I should say nothing urgent to work on. Which in my case translates to watching Netflix until the anxiety of homework actually sets in (yikes oh well). So for my Netflix show of choice that day I decided to watch “The End of the F***ing World.” (trailer is linked!) The show is set in England and surrounds the lives of two older teens who want to live their life and find out who they are. Spoiler Alert* They get themselves into a world of trouble and watching them handle the stress is all too real. And the next weekend when I still had a lot of free time, or that is what I told myself. I decided to watch another new Netflix original series called “Everything Sucks!” (trailer is linked!) This show is based in 1996 in Boring, Oregon surrounding a group of high schoolers. The show had a very similar set of parameters in that it followed the group and each kid was struggling to find a sense of self. Both of these shows were strangely addicting to watch and here’s why:

1. The episodes are short

Seriously though, each episode in the first season are between 20-30 minutes, making it so easy to click “start next episode now.” Before you know it you’re 6 episodes in of the 8-10 episode season.

2. Who doesn’t love a British accent (for End of the F***king World)

Aside from wishing you had a British accent you’ll learn a lot of new British slang and terminology (righty-O I’m gobsmacked!)

3. Extremely exciting twist of events in every episode

Every episode will keep you entertained, the turn of events seem so far reaching but also so realistic.


4. Witty sense of humor throughout

Not that I really understand British humor well enough explain it, but I thought it was funny! “Everything Sucks! Was also very funny in different ways, it definitely brought me back to high school with the cringe worthy interactions.

5. Easily relatable

Everything that the characters are going through with trying to figure out who they are, and discover their true identity are things people of many ages grapple with on a day-to-day basis.


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