My Top Five Fashion Trends Going Into the Winter Season!

2020, although experienced from a distance, has not failed to produce bold and fashion-forward trends and styles. Personally speaking, this year has been a favorite of mine from a fashion standpoint. As we head into the end of the year and temperatures drop, I can’t wait to see how trends will evolve! Here are my top five favorite fashion trends going into the new year- keep up!


  1. Animal print, specifically cow and zebra. Print is the perfect bold choice for any outfit, especially since it goes with almost everything. My favorite way of styling animal print is as a small pop in an outfit: on a purse, skirt, or a top. Animal print is the fashion statement fit for any occasion, as you can dress it up with a trench coat and boots or keep it casual with sweats and white sneakers. To me, clothes speak to other people before you do, and they should be an extension of your personality. Animal print is the perfect way to show the world exactly how much of an exciting and on trend person you are!

  2. Flare pants. Although this staple isn’t necessarily new, it is a trend that is sweeping this year, and it’s one of my favorites! Flare pants add movement and variety to any outfit, and with so many varieties in color and material, they are the versatile missing puzzle piece that will make your outfit complete. Pair a bold printed pair of flare pants (like leopard or gingham) with a black crop top and Doc Martens (and a puffer, if it’s cold) and you’re left with an outfit you won’t soon forget!

  3. Monochrome outfits. Honestly, I can predict that I will be obsessed with this trend for a while! While black and white seem to be classic colors to choose, my other favorites include green, blue, and pink! You can accomplish this iconic look by pairing and layering multiple pieces of clothing of the same color within the same outfit. Pro tip: make sure the pieces you’re matching are all close to the same shade in order to establish continuity in your outfit! 

  4. Chunky shoes! This trend has been a favorite of mine for a while, and much to my excitement, it’s been popular for around a year now. Chunky shoes add the perfect amount of flair and personality to an outfit. Whether you pair them with a relaxed loungewear outfit or a preppy tennis skirt set, chunky shoes really do ensure that you put your best (well dressed) foot forward.

  5. Baguette bags. Last but finally not least, baguette bags honestly have real estate in my mind. Whether it’s finished with patent leather or faux alligator, baguette bags seem to be the perfect, adorable addition to your closet that you never knew you needed. Aside from their iconic shape and eye catching color variations, (personal favorites being purple and green) baguette bags are also unmatched in their versatility. Since they can match perfectly with anything from sweats to professional work clothes, baguette bags just keep proving they’re worth the investment. 


This year has been full of vibrant and unique fashion trends that I am confident will influence style for years. Although we have been forced to live at a distance, it is uplifting to see that one aspect of creative expression is still thriving amidst the setbacks of one of the most difficult years to date. It is so reassuring to know that I can always look to the fashion industry to inspire and encourage me going forward, and I hope that you all can look to my favorite pics and use them for the same reasons!