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Mother’s Day Gifts for Giving Back

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and carries mixed messages for many people. To those who have complicated relationships with their mothers, my heart is with you. However, Mother’s Day will be a new odyssey for all people this year. 

Whether you live in a different city than your motherly figure, or can’t see them due to quarantine, you still want to show them some love. Normally, I make my mother a card or give her some flowers. However, I am not in the same city, and can’t mail anything to her. I can’t be alone in wondering what is the best and safest way.

    After wracking my brain, I am deciding to donate to charity in honor of my mother and various mother figures. In this time, I think that they will all appreciate being part of a solution, as opposed to getting a candle.

 So, here are three charities that could use some loving in honor of the womxn who have stood by us through the storms. These are all vetted, and there are more options here


  1. International Rescue Committee 

This organization has prepped for mothers day, and includes Mother’s Day packages that help women around the globe. There are various price points, and various packages to help the people.


  1. Portland Rescue Mission

Obviously, this should be local to wherever you are a local, but the homeless are a vulnerable population within all communities. Donating to the centers that are dedicated to giving humane care to all people is critical during this time, and all the time. 


  1. Donating PPE

    Watching the news for five minutes shows you that our frontline healthcare workers are still in dire need of PPE. Over one million PPE’s have been created and distributed from donations. 


    Of course, some people have already bought their gifts. People also might need to save their money. However, there are dozens away to give back in this time. If you can’t donate your money, then consider donating your clothes, time, or even blood to those who need it. 


Hi! I am a sophomore at the University of Oregon! I am currently in the School of Journalism and Communications, and am planning on being a journalist! Sko'ducks!
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