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The Most Underrated Movies on Netflix Right Now

As finals approach it’s important to remember to relax and take care of yourself. For some, reading a book or exercising can relieve the many stresses of finals week. However, for me, the thing I find most relaxing is watching a movie on Netflix in my room with my fairy lights and a cup of tea.

That being said, make sure you study an appropriate amount, but make sure to set some time aside to take care of yourself, and watch these underrated Netflix hits. 


  • Miss Congeniality
    • Arguably one of the best movies of all time – Miss Congeniality stars Sandra Bullock as Gracie Heart, a successful FBI agent whose personal life is completely wrecked. When the FBI gets a tip that the Miss America Pageant is a target for acts of violence, Gracie is sent undercover and transformed into Miss New Jersey. The move is hilarious, has a great cast, and reminds us that the most important aspect of feminism is women supporting women.
  • No Reservations
    • Every time I watch this movie it makes me really sad and really hungry. Catherine Zeta Jones plays Kate, a successful chef in NYC inherits her niece (Abigale Breslin) after her sister dies. As she adjusts to having a child to care for, her stand in chef Nick (Aaron Eckhart) and niece help her open up and enjoy life again. The movie is awesome, it makes you laugh, cry, and, again, really hungry.


  • Adventures in Babysitting
    • A babysitter named Chris, played by Elizabeth Shue, struggles to get through the city and back to the suburbs while babysitting. This movie has major throwback vibes, it was filmed in the 80’s and has some pretty cringe-y outfits.
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
    • Starring a young Patrick Dempsey (need I say more?), Can’t Buy Me Love is a story about a nerdy teen who pays the most popular girl in school to be his girlfriend for one month in the hopes of attaining popularity of his own. It’s a great, feel good movie and reminds me of those 80’s John Hughes movies that completely skewed my perception of what high school relationships would be like.
  • Anastasia
    • Anastasia is an animated movie about the last surviving child of the Royal Russian family, Anastasia, who tries to find her grandmother with the help of two con men. Meg Ryan voices Anastasia and John Cusak voices Demetri, one of the conmen. It’s an awesome movie – I totally watched it the night before my Russian lit final to count as “studying.”
  • Best in Show
    • Best in Show is a movie about the behind the scenes life of a dog show. It is hilarious and has so many great actors – Fred Willard, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Jennifer Coolidge, Parker Posey, and even Jane Lynch. It’s hilarious – check it out!
  • Money Pit   
    • A classic Tom Hanks movie, this movie follows a young couple (Hanks and Shelly Long), as they try to repair a completely dilapidated house. As they try to renovate, the house seems to fall apart even more. This movie is one of those cringe-y funny movies like Meet the Parents where whatever could possibly go wrong, goes wrong.
  • Wet Hot American Summer
    • This is, by far, the best stupid comedy – ever. It’s literally pointless, but it’s so funny. It follows a group of summer camp counselors through over exaggerated and stupid situations they get themselves into. It also has a great cast and Netflix created a TV show about their first day of camp, as well as a 10 years later reunion. So you can binge your heart out, my friend.



Hi I'm Hannah! I'm currrently a sophmore majoring in journalism and political science at the University of Oregon. I am a coffee addict and love to watch classic movies with my dog. I am a part of the U of O mock trial team and am a huge follower of politics. I love to write and am a total book worm!
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