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Minimize Your Stress with these Underrated Techniques

Papers, internships, sleepless nights, or homework can leave any collegiette feeling stressed. Put the spring back in your step with these easy, breezy ideas!

1. Chug some H2O

Water has dozens upon dozens of wonderful benefits! Water can rid you of headaches, it can also boost your metabolism, and drinking water raises your energy level. All qualities that can help you minimize stress.

2. Tell someone that you’re stressed

Whether it’s your best friend from back home, a friend in your sorority, or one of you roommates, just by venting to someone you let off steam. Plus, the person you talk to can suggest more things that you can do to feel less anxious.

3. Watch some funny television

To be instantly pepped up, take a half hour break and watch an episode of you favorite TV comedy. May I suggest, New Girl or Parks and Recreation. Both shows have a strong female lead! Laugh until you feel better.

4. Catch as many ZZZZzzz’s as you can

Make it a priority to get yourself in bed early on days that you feel strained. Sometimes a peaceful mind and body is just a good nights sleep away. Wakeup the next morning and drink a glass of water. You’ll feel refreshed from a good slumber and the water will leave you feeling hydrated!

5. Step away from the iPhone

Regularly being on your phone and being plugged into social media doesn’t just strain your eyes but research has proven that constant exposure to social media can stress you out. Seeing that your best friends are out drinking on a Wednesday night while you are stuck writing a ten-page paper that is due tomorrow, can leave you feeling restless.

6. Workout

I cannot stress this one enough. A walk, a bike ride, a morning run, it doesn’t matter. Just get some endorphins flowing. The more intense the exercise the better you will feel! I personally am a big fan of distance running during stressed days.










I am a senior at the University of Oregon! I love to run, play soccer and hangout with my roommates. Typical college chick stuff! I am excited for my future in either journalism or advertising, I'm majoring in both!
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