Marine Layer: The New Best Brand For Basics

In need of a soft, cozy, basic wardrobe to survive this season? Look no further and check out the Marine Layer.

1. Lots of Colors

Marine Layer has your classic basic colors like black white and gray, but they also have most of their items come in fun seasonal colors and they switch their stock ALL the time so every time you go there’s new things to check out!

2. Super Soft Materials

Marine Layer seriously needs to start making bed sheets because every one would buy them. Their material was blessed by angels themselves. Imagine pure untouched cotton mixed with light flow-y material. It’s a dream.

3. Classic and Retro Styles

The store definitely is not for the type of person who loves to go outside the box with fashion. It is fairly preppy, but for basics and other items for layering and pairing it’s perfection.

4. Lots of Variety

They have a lot of items of clothing besides t-shirts. They make sweat shirts, joggers, socks, underwear, jackets, pants, pretty much everything but bed sheets:(

5. Great Boys and Girls Section

Every time I have to get my boyfriend a gift for something I get him a Marine Layer t-shirt. He loves them and they pair beautifully with everything he wears! Their clothes are perfect gifts for men or women!