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Makeup Blunders Be Gone!

Nothing throws off a good picture like a bad make-up mistake! We’ve all had that moment when you’re feeling sexy and confident, only to catch a glimpse in the mirror and realize your make-up has gone from a “beautiful glow” to “Oh, No!” Unless you’re going for the Snooki-after-a-long-night look, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your make-up in place and a forever-fresh face!

Oh No #1: Lipstick Smile
Congrats, you found the perfect lipstick shade…now let’s keep it on your lips and not your smile. The first tool is a good lipstick primer. Put this on before you apply the color to help keep it in place. After the primer and color on your lips, dab with facial tissue to remove any excess that can end up on that beautiful smile. After the extra lipstick is gone, finalize by putting one finger in your mouth and tighten your lips around it. Slowly pull it out and remove any color from the inside of your lips. There ya go, a super quick and simple way to keep those pearly whites the way they should be!

Oh No #2: Your Smoky Eye Now Looks Like You Got Into a Fight
Dramatic eyes definitely have their place in a sexy night look but if your eye color smears from your lids to your cheeks, it might lead to a different kind of drama. When applying make-up before you go out, always wash your face first to get any dirt and oil off your skin and start with a clean palate. Apply a primer to your eyelids and right underneath your lower lash line to keep your base shadow in place. Apply eye shadow base color and highlighter and remember to keep it to no more than three shades. After color is complete, apply a translucent mineral veil over eyes. This will soak up any oils or moisture that you or the environment produce and will keep the color and placement all throughout your crazy night!

Oh No #3: Blush and Bronzer Spots
Leopard print is cute on your shoes, not on your face! If your make-up isn’t as resistant as you are, you can end the night looking like you came down with a case of chicken pox (not so hot). To keep your blush or bronzers smooth and even, make sure to always use a foundation first. Again, be sure to wash your face before starting your make-up application. Then apply a cream foundation evenly over the entire face and neck. Apply color to face to give your cheeks a pop of color and liven up your look. Then apply a translucent powder or a “stay spray” mist over entire face to keep your color in place. If this still doesn’t do the trick, chances are your make-up is old and needs to be replaced. Toss it and invest in a good face color that will do the job!

Oh No #4: Too Much Fun is Making Your Mascara Run
If a raccoon was your inspiration for tonight’s look then disregard this tip. But if it wasn’t then this is probably the easiest blunder to fix! If it’s raining or humid out, or you think you might be crying (hey, we all have those nights) then choose a waterproof mascara, just in case. Most of your favorite brands make mascaras in regular and waterproof so find one you like and go with it! Another tip to try is false lashes. Stick adhesive lashes on outter edges for a fuller look without the fear of mascara running down your face. Since the adhesive comes off with oil not water, you’re good to go in the rain or snow!

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Sarah Felix is a senior at the University of Oregon, graduating in June. She is a double major in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Communications. She also has received her Oregon Esthetician’s License and currently in the process of obtaining her Oregon Medical Esthetician’s License. She loves fashion, beauty and anything that makes her laugh. She’s a permanent Duck fan that “Lives GREEN and yells O!”

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