Make Your Apartment Festive this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming, it's always sad to think about how decorated our houses are back at home. Lights everywhere, candles filling up the room with sweet smells, soft music playing in the background – the holiday season just makes you want to be back home with friends and family. Since we’re all stuck at school for a few more weeks, there are ways you can make your living space away from home just as festive on a budget.

Buying a few strands of lights at the nearest Target, Walmart, or supercenter adds a holiday flavor. Drape them on the handrail of your stairs or hang them around a window frame. Wherever you put them is sure to add an immediate sense of home. If you have a little extra money to spend, go for the lights you can turn to a “twinkle” setting. The twinkle lights will add an extra special sense of winter wonderland.

A lot of apartments, especially dorm rooms, don’t allow candles because of the fire hazard. Bypass the rules with battery operated candles. They may not smell as good, but they’re safer and still add that “homey” feel everyone longs for during the holidays.

If it’s the smell of cinnamon, pie, and pumpkins you’re craving, invest in some plug-ins. While they may seem expensive ($5.00 for a little scented bottle I plug into my wall?!) they are worth the investment. Many last 30 days or longer and can instantly change the atmosphere of any room.

Being away from home for a majority of the holiday season is hard on everyone, especially if it’s your first year living on your own. Adding a little sense of the holiday season to your apartment or dorm room will help make the time away from family and friends during the holidays a little more cheery.