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Live Show Review: The Head and The Heart

On Sunday October 9th, The Head and The Heart rolled through downtown Eugene to perform at the McDonald Theatre. To celebrate their third album, Signs of Light the group is touring North America and Europe. The sold out show brought out most of UO’s students, proving that indie folk still has a strong foothold in the college music scene.

    Before taking the stage, the band set the crowd up for a throwback mood blasting Tom Petty, Tears for Fears, and other older school bands. Signs of Light stays true to the the previous albums, rich harmonies, nostalgic lyricism, but included heavy drum and guitar influences. Woven drapings surrounded the stage and the set was covered ferns and plants galore. The final touch was a pastel lit “Signs of Light” sign hung on the right half of the stage. A cozy, welcome home was presented for the audience, and the Seattle band aesthetic choices fit right in with the Northwest style.


The album’s latest hit, “All We Ever Knew” kicked off the evening followed by “City of Angels”. Quickly though, the setlist transitioned to the crowd cozying up for lullabies such as “Another Story”, “Mother’s Eyes” and “Lost In My Mind”. The transitions between each tune was effortless and often accompanied with instrumental blurbs balanced with crescendos. Their music reminisce of twinkling lights, perfect for a fall evening. During the encore, Josiah Johnson took the stage for a solo number, before the night rounded out with “Rivers and Roads”. The crowd remained quietly engaged the entire show, mesmerized by every chord and every word.

The band’s energy, chemistry, and overall stage presentation drew one in for an unforgettable evening. Each member’s raw talent and personality showed through each number. The Head and The Heart remains a personal favorite due to their sheer technical talent as well as the comforting memories invoked by their music. Beyond hip hop and electronic, indie folk has a strong threshold amongst millennials and the Eugene music scene.



Elissa is a sophomore studying Arts Management at the University of Oregon. In addition to being senior editor of Her Campus Oregon, she is recruitment coordinator and campaign co-director for Climate Justice League, a member of Music Industry Collective, and works as a barista. When she's not hiking or watching documentaries, she's creating collages and dope Spotify playlists. In the future she hopes to travel the world and work for a major music festival. 
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