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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Reminder: Mother’s Day is this upcoming weekend! Did you forget? Well don’t freak out, you’re not alone! Here are a few last minute gift ideas for mom. And shhhhh, no one will tell her that you needed a reminder!


1. A Scrapbook - you can make one online or choose to put it together yourself. Either way, your mom will appreciate the effort you put in! Grab some photos of you two from some of your favorite memories together and you’re sure to make her smile on her special day!



2. Flowers - if you really don’t have any time to put something together yourself, flowers are still a really sweet way of letting her know that you’re thinking of her! Maybe she has a favorite kind, or maybe pick a bouquet with flowers of her favorite color. Either way, she’ll be glad you’re thinking of her!



3. Something sweet - Edible Arrangements are pretty neat. However, if you want to celebrate her like the queen she is, send her her favorite dessert! Maybe chocolate covered strawberries, or maybe a decadent chocolate cake. After all, who doesn’t like a sweet dessert to celebrate?



4. A Gift Certificate - it might seem impersonal, but if you get your mother a gift certificate to her favorite spa for a massage, or a mani/pedi, she’ll appreciate the kind gesture! Mom needs time to relax and unwind, too!

5. A Handmade Card - when in double, there’s always the old school, classic, hand-made card. Although it may seem elementary to some, a heartfelt, hand-made card can speak volumes more than a Hallmark card. Mom will appreciate the time you took and the effort you made! Plus you can add your own special message.


I hope these ideas help some of you! Don’t forget to call or FaceTime your mom on Sunday, because what she wants most is to hear your voice!

A current senior at UO, Catie spends most of her time stressing about post-grad plans, or procrastinating by watching HGTV shows (Fixer Upper, anyone?). A self-proclaimed caffeine and candy addict, Catie's loves include puppies and sunshine. You can find her in local coffeeshops or soaking up her last few months in Eugene. 
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