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How To Spend a Night In and Not Feel Like You Missed Out

Sometimes you just need a night off from getting dressed up, drinking, and going out. The only problem is you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out. When you decide to take a night off its important to make sure you’re time is worth-while. Here is some things to do to make sure your night in is as beneficial as possible.

Stay in and Pamper Yourself
You know how you’ve been dying to treat yourself to a face-mask and pedicure, so stay in one night and do it! There nothing better than giving yourself a mani-pedi while catching up on all the reality TV you missed while you were studying.

“When I stay in it’s always because I need me time. It’s nice to take a break from the girls and guys and do my nails or a hair mask and just catch up on my favorite shows.” –Alexis Smith, U of O Senior

Invite your crush over for a movie night
Want to get to know your crush a little better outside of the party world? Invite your boy over for a little movie night! Everyone needs a night off once and a while, so why not do it with some eye candy?

Embrace Your Inner Martha
Staying in is a great time to practice your cooking and crafting! On a night in open up your Pinterest account and go crazy! There’s tons of fun and easy crafts and recipes you can make from things you have lying around your house.

Head to the dollar movie theater and catch up on the new release
College is a crazy busy time so no one ever has time to catch movies when they come out in the theater. Plus, who wants to pay upwards of $7.50 a movie. Head out to the closest dollar theater and catch the newest movies after they’ve left the major theaters and before they’re on DVD for only a $1.00

Catch up on your sleep or your homework
As lame as it may sound, sometimes you just need a night to catch up. Whether that be on sleep or on homework, its important to put yourself first. Procrastinating during the week is so common in college, and because of that its easy to get behind on schoolwork and sleep. So take a night off and catch up on everything you need to, even if that means doing your math homework on a Saturday.

There are plenty of things to do instead of a night of drinking and it’s important to realize that. While going to parties and out at night with your friends is fun, making sure you get enough “me” time is a great way to balance out the crazy lives we live in college.

Maggie is a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in Public Relations and Communications through the School of Journalism. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, laying by the pool or on the beach, and traveling. Her favorite city in the world is Paris and she hopes to go back after graduation. Follow her on twitter at @mahilty
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