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How to Have a Smooth Transition as a Transfer Student

Admit it: transferring to a new school isn’t easy. The decision to transfer schools is different for everyone. Whether the school wasn’t the right fit or because of financial reasons, if you made the switch, or you’re thinking about it, these steps will help you along the way.

1. Talk to an advisor

The first thing you should as a transfer student is meet with an advisor who is associated with your major. They are here to make sure you have a smooth transition to your new school. Schedule an appointment and bring your list of courses you have already taken. They will determine what courses you’ve mastered and which classes you still need for your major.

2. See what scholarships are available

As a transfer student, a number of scholarships are out there specifically for transfer students. Colleges will often set aside money specifically for potential transfer students.  Your chances of receiving scholarship money are higher than it seems.

3. Get involved on campus

Research extracurricular activities and clubs that are available at your school. When you have your own community on campus, your experience at a new school will be ever better.




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