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How To Add To Your Thanksgiving Day Fun

Thanksgiving is the time of year when you can stuff your face, nap all day and have some much needed family time. If you do want some ideas to add to your day of festivities, here are some great ways to involve the whole family.

1. Run a 5k

First off, this is not something you have to go all out for. Participating in a 5k run with family and friends sounds tiring, but it is a great way to get some exercise before your day of feasting. There are many 5ks across the country like the Turkey Trot, Turkey Dash, Give n’ Gobble Run or, my personal favorite, the I Like Pie Run hosted in Bend, Oregon. My mom and I always bring our friends to “run” (aka mostly fast walk) and at the end are rewarded with tables of pie (side note: I will do just about anything for food).

2. Help with cooking

While we are not quite chefs here, cooking can still be quite rewarding if you are up to it. You will definitely help out the cook when they are stressfully trying to get all the side dishes made for later that day. You can also taste the batter you made for your pie or cookies (yum) which is a major plus.

3. Eat, eat, and then eat some more

We know this holiday is filled with food and yummy treats, so dive right in. Even I feel like I grow a second stomach on Thanksgiving when I help myself to multiple servings of food. No regrets though.

4. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This tradition has been a regular gathering at my house every year to watch the gigantic floats on TV. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool too. Find a different activity to bring the family together.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering is the perfect way to help others on a day when we give thanks. There are many people who may not get a Thanksgiving at all or may not have loved ones to spend it with. Find volunteer opportunities in your area and spend it with those who could use some holiday company.


Hi! I'm Hailey. I am a senior at the Unviersity of Oregon studying Advertising. I am a workout nut and a Certified Personal Trainer at our campus REC center. In my free time you can find me outside, either hiking, biking or exercising. I am also completley obsessed with the fashion industry and will hopefully be going into Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the near future. 
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