Hidden Treasures of the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is magical place, if you know where to look. These are just six of the many treasures of the Oregon Coast.

1. Old Town Florence

This historic town in Florence, Ore. is a quaint place with fun shopping and dining establishments unique to the area. There are two must-stop places in this town: Mo’s restaurant, and BJ’s Ice Cream. These places aren’t hidden, but they are definitely worth the stop. Most people have been to Mo’s and love the homey feel of the seafood comfort food. BJ’s Ice Cream is a small ice cream shop with an old town style. This stop should be at the top of the list of places to go on the Oregon Coast, because who can leave the coast without getting at least a few weird flavors of salt water taffy!


2. Hobbit Beach

Hobbit beach is next on the list of must-see places on the Oregon Coast. It is a hidden beach along the side of the Oregon Coast Highway. There is a short hike down to the beach from the road, and you walk through a forest of trees and there are some places where you are forced to hunch over in order to walk under trees that have grown over each other. It gives you the feeling of being in the world of Lord of the Rings. This beach is hidden to anyone who doesn’t know it exists because it is right off the highway and there are no signs pointing to the beach. You see a few cars parked on the side of the road and then a forest of trees on either side of the highway.


3. Oreo Cows

Everyone loves to see furry animals, especially after a long drive in the car. Up the Yachats River, there is a spot where you will find Oreo cows. They are black and white, like any normal black and white cow, but their heads’ and bottoms’ are a solid black and their stomachs’ are pale white. They look like Oreos! This is the perfect spot to take a break and stretch your legs while seeing some furry animals roaming around.


4. Luna Sea

Luna Sea is a seafood restaurant, which also sells fresh fish. If you think that Newman’s Fish and Chips serves the best fish and chips you’ve ever had, you’re in for a treat! Luna Sea uses fresh fish caught that day on their fishing boat. Luna Sea is locally-owned and can only be found in Yachats, Ore. The tiger prawns and chips is the tastiest dish you’ll get on your trip!


5. Lattés at the Green Salmon

The Green Salmon is a small, locally-owned coffee shop in the heart of Yachats, Ore. It is a quirky shop that closes at 2 p.m. It is a very “Eugene” coffee shop. They have unique drinks, like ones that have Reishi mushrooms in them! People will drive from hours away just for the green tea lattés at the Green Salmon. If you go, you’d better leave your house early in the morning!


6. Pacific Sour Dough Bakery

This bakery is a very hidden luxury of the Oregon Coast. It is only open Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It serves world-class pastries and is found in this tiny store in Waldport. After trying these pastries, it will be hard to eat any others that are as good. They make sourdough bread, delicious pastries, and specialty desserts from scratch!