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Her Campus Profile: Izzy Ospina

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Her Campus Profile: Izzy Ospina

Major: Architecture

Year in School: Freshman

Hometown: Ventura, California


HC: What drove you to move over 850 miles from your home in SoCal?


IO: I always envisioned moving to the Northwest, plus all the Californian schools with architecture programs like Berkeley, Cal Poly, and UCLA were too prestigious for me.


HC: What things from home do you miss more than you thought you would?


IO: I miss the beach and the sand and wearing summer clothes. People expect me to be a surfer since the beach was a five minute walk from my house but I like to kind of just swim in the ocean and sunbathe.


HC: Do you feel that local Oregonians stereotype you being from California?


IO: Some people think I’m from Oregon because I don’t fit the California girl stereotype, but I’m not even from the valley.


HC: What is your favorite thing you’ve done in Eugene so far?


IO: I’ve loved the sunny weather on campus recently. When the sun’s out I’m out.


HC: Why did you pick the architecture school?


IO: [Architecture] is complex. You have to know a lot about everything–people, the environment etc. I want to make people’s lives more efficient through design. Plus, I love lines.


HC: What’s it like living in the Academic Residential Community for Ecological Leaders?


IO: I feel lucky to be in this ARC, we’re all very alike. The camping trip we did the week before we moved in was awesome and where I met most of the friends that I hang out with. We kayaked in two estuaries before we ate lunch on an island that had apples trees, 10/10 would recommend.

HC: What are some of your daily passions?


IO: Honestly I enjoy taking breaks from school work like jamming out in my room or since I got my Ipad pro, doing Ipad things. I’ve been using the Ipad pencil, which I can take notes with and it allows me to draw like I would with a pencil.


HC: What’s your go-to Netflix category?


IO: I would say it’s documentaries or what Netflix recommends me.


HC: What’s does Netflix recommend to you?


IO: Random philosophical or scientific films. I like abstract “what just happened” movies, or movies that challenge my thoughts. Weird endings are the best.


HC: Is there anything you’re looking forward to accomplishing in your next four years?


IO: Just as of last night–this is going to sound crazy–but I’m thinking of dropping out. I’m paying for college through loans, and I just got overwhelmed with how much money I’m going to owe. I think there’s a more efficient way to reach what I want. I’m a pretty rational person but I’m willing to take the risk if that’s what I want to do.  


HC: What music do you listen to as you walk to class?


IO: I usually don’t have headphones when I’m out and about because I like being there and listening to others. In my room I listen to a lot of jazz; brazilian jazz, jazztronica. I’m also really into this band, Chicano Batman.


HC: If your life had a soundtrack what would it be?


IO: Definitely classical


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