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When you’re in a rush to class or work and don’t know what food to grab that will last you all day, here are some recipes that will keep you full. Not only are they healthy, but they don’t leave you hungry or craving more. I always have this problem of scavenging my pantry for the next available snack only to find that nothing sounds good and that I don’t have time to make it. Here’s what I do when I only have 5 minutes to prepare a yummy snack on the go:


1. Rice crackers with peanut butter and bananas

Spread your favorite peanut butter on a rice cracker of your choice and cut slices of bananas and add honey if needed.


2. Turkey wrap

Take 3-4 slices of turkey paired with apple slices and two tablespoons of honey mustard sauce rolled up in a tortilla for a quick protein filled snack. 

3. Homemade trail mix

Mix peanuts, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, chocolate chips (if you want some sweetness), and raisins for a fun trail mix that is both sweet and savory. 


5. Sweet Oatmeal

Cook ½ cup of oatmeal with one cup of water in a bowl in the microwave 90 seconds and bring brown sugar, fresh berries or nuts with you. Add milk for a creamier texture.


5. Crackers with zest 

Grab a few salted or whole grain crackers and spread ricotta cheese on it with honey or lemon zest for a kick.

6. Avocado toast

Spread half an avocado on two pieces of toast or a bagel and add pepper and olive oil if needed. Add an egg if you have time or chili pepper flakes for a spicier flare.



Hi! I'm Hailey. I am a senior at the Unviersity of Oregon studying Advertising. I am a workout nut and a Certified Personal Trainer at our campus REC center. In my free time you can find me outside, either hiking, biking or exercising. I am also completley obsessed with the fashion industry and will hopefully be going into Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the near future. 
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