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For the Hair-Impaired: A Product to Revamp the (truly) Damaged

I’m ready to come clean. For the past 10 years, I have been a user and abuser of heat styling products. From the moment my mother brought home that magnificent blue Conair flat iron back in sixth grade, I was undeniably hooked. I could finally entertain the idea of arriving at school with a slick, smooth and straight head of hair. The boys would gawk and the girls would stare in envy. The frizzy, hard-to-contain poof of curls were no longer, and the possibilities were endless.  Did any of my curly or frizzy-haired sistas have this same revelation when their first flat iron was gifted upon them?

If you are nodding your head (hair) yes, you have presumably had an equal amount of torment and agony in finding a hair product that keeps your hair growing and looking as healthy as possible amidst the damage you have inflicted upon it. Well readers, today is your lucky day! Not only am I an abuser of heat styling products, but I also happen to be a self-proclaimed product junkie – especially when it comes to my hair. I have searched high and low, near and far, east and west for the perfect product that protects my hair, but more importantly repairs it when it is experiencing an especially lackluster day. I have tried numerous products, both pricey and inexpensive, and while some show instant effects, they are seldom long lasting (CHI, Fekkai – to name a couple). That is before my boyfriend’s mom (a fellow heat abuser) introduced me to Bb Mending Complex For The (truly) Damaged. Yes, that is what it actually says, and it is because it means what it says when it says truly damaged. After applying a dime-sized amount to my hair each night (wet or dry) before I went to sleep, I saw results in a little over a week. My hair was fuller, longer, and stronger. I felt almost as confident as I did in sixth grade. Almost.

For a 4.2 oz bottle, the price tag is $34.00. Yes, I know it seems expensive but mine has lasted over 7 months. If you use the amount directed one time per day, the product will last and it will be well worth your pretty (college) penny. 

You can purchase this product at your neighborhood Sephora or online at Bumble and Bumble

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