Growing Plants in Water

Succulents have been really popular these past two years. They’re cute and compact and make nice photographs. However if you’re like me, you know you’ll probably end up unintentionally killing it. From lack of water to over watering, or just plain forgetting them, succulents are like any other plants.

Recently I found a new way of growing plants: water. I found a Swedish blogger using this method to grow basil in glass jars.

There are certain plants that can thrive by being in soil and in water. I used the reliable resource of Google to find out more about this. I found five advantages to this method: the plants require low maintenance and less upkeep, they are cleaner, the plants will be fine when you leave town, less problems from disease, and reduces the need for fertilizer.

The roots of your plant should start coming out within a month, mostly depending on the character of the plant. Although these are super low-maintenance, they still require some basic looking after. Make sure to keep your plants in the sunlight and hydrated since the water will slowly dissipate over time.

Some plants that would be nice to spruse up a collegiette’s home are:



Herbs (mint, basil, oregano, rosemary, and sage)

To try this out, I went to my local Dollar Store to find some nice glass vases or mason jars to put my plants in. I started with Ivy and Lavender, two plants that were the most accessible to me.

Would you try any one of these out? Let me know!