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The Great Gatsby Part 1: Fashion

One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year is The Great Gatsby. Originally a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is a story about A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor.” (IMDB) Directed by the director of Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby is an absolute must see. (Trailer Here)

Jay Gatsby’s world is all about extraordinary parties, over the top scandal, lavish affairs, and drop-dead gorgeous fashion. What better way to celebrate the premier than to showcase some of the brilliant ‘20s fashion trends showcased by main character Daisy Buchanan in the movie.

Feathers, Frills, and Flirty fringe

One of the best trends of the twenties was the play of textures. Flirty fringe and feathers adorned every flapper, and sometimes even mixed with other textures. Along with fringe, lace, pearls, and rhinestones adorned many flapper dresses producing a stunning effect. Women fashion in the 20’s was fearless. Although today feathers and fringe may seem dated, Daisy Buchanan is bringing back this fabulous trend full force.


Muted Colors

To balance out the loud textures, the Gatsby-esque trend uses muted colors such as grey, cream, lilac, dusty rose, black, white and soft pastels. These toned down soft colors compliment the playful fabrics and complete the 1920s look perfectly.

Art Deco Jewelry

Not only did Daisy Buchanan play with fabrics, but she was always draped in jewelry, diamonds, pearls, crystals, you name it. One major trend in jewelry and accessories was art deco, which uses bold geometric shapes with lavish ornamentation.

Feminine Headpieces

Gatsby characters love gorgeous delicate headpiece jewelry. Whether a small string of diamonds or a full fringe, feathered headpiece-women in the twenties rocked this trend. In The Great Gatsby, it is a constant theme to have some sort of headpiece to complete the outfit; whether jewelry or a delicate hat. Fun Fact: In the movie, Daisy Buchanan’s headpiece (shown below) was designed by Tiffany and Co., and cost $200,000.

The Great Gatsby ’20s fashion is romantic and elegant. These fashion trends are perfect for any collegiette looking to spice up her wardrobe for spring. Be inspired by the fashion trends of Gatsby characters and play with different textures, or find a fun feather headband to add to your collection. Not feeling spontaneous? There is always the “Party at Gatsby’s” sweatshirt that any collegiette can rock.  The Great Gatsby opens May 10, 2013. 

Check back later this week for Part 2 of how to throw a perfect Great Gatsby themed party.

Rachel is a Junior at the University of Oregon studying Journalism, Advertising, and English. She is on the writing team for HCO. She aspires to become an editor of a fashion magazine, a food writer, or creative strategist at an advertising firm. Rachel has always loved the freedom of writing and loves all things creative, makeup, fashion, food and Art History. When not studying for school, she enjoys the beach, traveling, dancing, and eating Nutella.
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