Glossier's New Best Eyeshadow On The Market

The new Glossier eye shadow, Lidstar, is exactly what it is hyped up to be. All of its six colors are created to look good on a variety of skin tones. They have the perfect mix of pigment and sparkle. I ordered colors Slip and Fawn.

Slip is the perfect versatile tone, I have a very pale, pinky skin tone and this pink shade looks phenomenal on my eyes day or night.

Fawn I was skeptical about when I ordered it, but since I have gotten it, it has been my go to going out shade. It blends into the perfect smokey-esque eye.

The applicators for Lidstar are like a lip gloss applicator, which I never would have thought would be the perfect applicator for eye shadow. It allows you to concentrate product on your lash line and blend it out to your lid. Oh yeah, I put some swatches on my wrist and after my workout class they didn’t even budge. This product is truly long-lasting. I even rubbed some sweat on them to see if anything changed and nothing. One of Glossier’s best products in my opinion.

If you want to check out all the colors go to Glossier’s website and get two for $30, which is cheaper than a lot of make up out there.