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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.


 Everyone is ready for the clouds to go away and the sun to come out (and stay out). Who knows what they’re going to do this summer? You rarely plan out your days once the sun is out. This summer will be different! Here’s a bucketlist for this summer. Let’s see if you can make this a summer you’ll never forget!

1.     Go on a hike to somewhere new with friends.

We always say we want to try new things and explore new places. Let’s actually complete this dream this summer! Hike someplace you’ve never explored before. There are sure to be nature wonderlands near you that you’ve never even thought of exploring.

2.     Try a new workout class that you’ve never done before.

This new age of technology that we’re in now has created the perfect platform for new workouts to emerge! Haven’t you always wanted to try one of the many new workout classes that are popping up everywhere you look? There are so many new ways to get that sweaty workout sesh in! Go explore and make this the summer where you achieve your fitness goals.

3.     Go to at least two outdoor concerts.

Take out those headphones and experience some live music! Unplug from the digital world and experience life in ‘real time.’ Enjoy an outdoor concert with your friends as you dance and sway to the music. The vibe is completely different! Make music a community event again.

4.     Cook a meal from only products bought at a farmers’ market.

 Get on that healthy lifestyle kick. Go to the nearest farmers’ market and create a meal from scratch! You’ll feel healthier even while you make it. When was the last time you had a meal that was completely organic?

5.     Host the ultimate brunch for your girlfriends.

Everyone loves a good brunch. Create the perfect photo-op and invite all your girlfriends over. Dress in your favorite summer outfits and enjoy each other’s company, not to mention while eating amazing food. Try out all those new yummy recipes you know you’ve been dying to try but haven’t had the motivation to make.

6.     Find the perfect bikini.

You know you’ve never found the one that’s truly perfect.. Now is your chance! It will take effort and motivation, but just imagine once you find that perfect bikini. The one that makes you feel like your best self and complements your favorite features!

7.     Go berry picking.

Who doesn’t love fresh berries? It’s the perfect activity to do on a warm summer day. The summer berries are amazing! Fresh-picked berries don’t compare to the store-bought ones.

8.     Host a bonfire.

S’mores are a must. What is summer without at least one bonfire? You know you’ve missed the smell of a campfire and wood burning while you roast a marshmallow. You can’t beat that campfire smell while you sink your teeth into that gooey goodness of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker.

9.     Go support your favorite baseball team…

…Or go for the crackerjack. Go to a baseball game and cheer on the team with your friends! Relax on a summer night in the stands with other fans, and of course eat the must-have foods!

10.  Watch a drive-in movie with your besties.

Have you ever watched a drive-in movie? You should. Go with your besties and bring a fuzzy blanket to curl up in as the summer night cools down. Grab your favorite movie snacks and settle in!

11.  Go on a vineyard tour.

There’s more to wine than the taste. Learn what it takes to grow and make your favorite drink, while taking cute photos of course.

12.  Go to a county fair and go on every single ride.

             Relive the carefree life of a kid.

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